BillyTheFish 2024

Yes, I'm afraid so...

After much deliberation, I've decided to dig the website out of mothballs after almost a decade and start posting crap again.

For the historians among you, this site first went live back in April 2003 and ran, more or less, as an online diary until March 2015 when I eventually got fed up with it and moved across to Twitter (or 'X', as the good lord Elon now calls it.). However, Twitter is getting ever-more twitchy lately, and after yet another temporary ban, I figured it might be a good idea to get the old 'blog back up and running.


This is very much a work in progress as I try and get to grips with this HTML malarkey again, and I've no idea what I'll be putting where in this new layout (or even if I'll keep this new layout) but I've put some of the old Diary back in for a laugh and will be adding more and more pointless stuff as the year progesses.


Welcome back, you lucky people!


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